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金宝搏官网RWE stands for security of energy supply and provides flexible capacity,making it a key partner to enable the UK to the transition to a zero carbon electricity future.金宝搏官网RWE is the second largest generator,supplying around 15% of the country's UK's electricity with over 8.5GW of installed capacity.金宝搏官网RWE owns and operates the UK's largest fleet of gas-powered stations,along with a small amount of coal and biomass stations?.The gas fleet includes two of the most modern and highly efficient plants,that are capable of providing 4GW of clean baseload power (enough to power 6m homes) and vital flexibility services to the grid.This capacity and flexibility is key to having secure electricity supply throughout the UK.金宝搏官网RWE's sites are located across England,Wales and Scotland and the business provides over 1,500 highly skilled jobs in the UK.

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive organisation and to valuing the contribution that our employees make.We welcome and respect differences in culture,background,working style,education and other less obvious differences.

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07/02 2017
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Kickstart your engineering career with a graduate scheme
12/01 2016
金宝搏官网RWE Generation UK's engineering graduate scheme is designed to equi...
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